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University of Tuebingen

The department of Medical Genetics and the Department for Neurodegenerative Disorders of the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research form a Europe-wide unique environment for research on neurodegenerative diseases that integrates excellence in clinical, neuroimaging, genetic, molecular, pathogenesis-focussed, and preclinical research. Participation in EU funded collaborative projects includes:

  • European integrated project on Spinocerebellar Ataxias (EUROSCA), Jan 2004 – Dec 2008, coordinator,
  • European project on the characterisation of transgenic rat models for neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases: Automated home cage analyses, live imaging and treatment. (RATstream), Jan 2007 – Dec 2009, coordinator,
Hertie Institute Building

Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research

Medical Genetics and Applied Genomics

Department of Medical Genetics

University of Tuebingen

deCODE genetics is widely recognised as a centre of excellence in genetic research and participates in a number of international collaborative projects with diverse dissemination and exchange schemes. The projects include:

• EU: Genomics, mechanisms and treatment of addiction (Genaddict), Jan 05 -Dec 09, partner,

• EU: Inherited risk of breast and prostate cancer (Polygene), Dec 05 - Sept 09, coordinator,

• EU: A large scale GWA study of Schizophrenia (SGENE), Nov 06-Oct 09, coordinator,

• NIDA: Genes contributing to nicotine dependence in humans, Aug 05-April 09, PI,

• NIMH: Isolation of autism susceptibility genes, Aug 06 – 31 May 11, PI,

• NIDA: Genes contributing to opioid use in humans, 5 years, starting in 2007, PI,

Hertie Institute Building

deCode genetics building

Implementation of the partnership in MarkMD

Seconded from
Uni Tuebingen to deCODE

ESR - 24 months (14-37)

ER - 2 months (31-32)

VER - 2 months (29-30)

VER - 2 months (29-30)

ESR - 2 months (planned)

Recruited to deCODE

ER - 24 months (16-39)

Seconded from
deCODE to Uni Tuebingen

VER - 24 months (2-25)

VER - 2,75 months (27-29)

ER - 2,75 months (27-29)

VER - 3,5 months

Recruited to Uni Tuebingen

ER - 24 months (15-37)

ER - 17 months (31-48)

Total sum months secondments: 65
Total sum months recruited: 65